Monday, May 28, 2007

27Mhz toy car transmitter/receiver

L1, L4=9 turns, .15mm wire on 4.5mm diameter tunable ferrite coil former

L2=15 turns, .5mm wire, 5mm diameter

L3=3.5 turns, .5mm wire, 5mm diameter

49MHz walkie-talkie

434MHz ASK/OOK AM transmitter/receiver

Single-chip RF transmitter/receiver integrated circuits

  • MAX1470 315MHz Low-Power, +3V superheterodyne receiver

  • MAX1472 300-450MHz ASK transmitter

  • MAX1473 315/433MHz ASK superheterodyne receiver

  • Atmel T5754 434MHz UHF ASK/FSK transmitter

  • Atmel U2741 300-450MHz UHF ASK/FSK transmitter

  • Atmel U3741 300-450MHz UHF ASK receiver

  • Atmel AT86RF211 400-950MHz programmable UHF FSK transceiver

  • Chipcon CC1000 300-1000MHz programmable UHF FSK transceiver

  • Nordic nRF905 433/868/915 MHz transceiver

  • Integration Associates IA-4220 315,434,868,915MHz programmable no-parts FSK transmitter

  • Integration Associates IA-4320 315,434,868,915MHz programmable no-parts zero-IF FSK receiver

  • Himark RX3310A, RX3400 low power (2mA) UHF ASK receiver

  • Melexis TH71101 315/433MHz FSK/FM/ASK, Single-Conversion Superhet

    TH71102 315/433MHz FSK/FM/ASK, Double-Conversion Superhet

    TH7122 27 to 930MHz, FSK/FM/ASK transceiver

    TH72011 434MHz FSK transmitter

    TH72012 434MHz ASK transmitter

  • Microchip rfRXD0420 434MHz ASK/FSK superheterodyne receiver (same as TH71101)

  • Microchip rfPIC12F675 434MHz ASK/FSK transmitter with flash microcontroller

  • RFMD RF2915 433/868/915 MHz FSK/ASK/OOK transceiver

  • RFMD RF2510 433/915MHz UHF FM/FSK transmitter

  • Infineon TDA5100 434/868MHz ASK/FSK transmitter

  • Infineon TDA5200/5210/5220 ASK/FSK receiver

  • Philips UAA3201T 150-450MHz ASK receiver

  • TI TRF1400 200-450MHZ ASK receiver, obsolete

  • TI TRF4400 434MHz ASK transmitter

  • Xemics XE1201A 300-500MHz FSK transceiver

    XE1205 433/868/915MHz multi-channel FSK transceiver

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nor said...

i was new beginner for RF... i want to ask if u have a RF schematic 315Mhz wireless about 1km range..